Aaron Pott

Aaron has chosen to make wine because he thrive on the intellectual challenge and loves the satisfaction of crafting something beautiful for those that will appreciate it. He looks forward to those foggy, pre-harvest mornings when you taste the grapes and begin to imagine what they will do in the glass.

Aaron practices viticulture because the vine is the ultimate teacher, no matter how long you have been at it. Vines respond to the slightest interaction; a leaf removal here, a shoot positioning there. In every case they show you, often with humor, how wrong or right you were! Vines give you back the effort you put in, which is a rarity in life and utterly satisfying.

Pott Wine, Aaron’s personal brand, is an historical journey into a forgotten time of Napa Valley wines; a time of balance, elegance and respect of terroir. Working in all of the great appellations of Napa Valley, in the vineyards of friends, some of which he helped to plant, Aaron has been able to obtain grapes that express the wonderful idiosyncrasy of their place and time.